Getting ready for the big day.

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Ready to dance opening number.

Sakshi and I hastily packed our bags and made sure not to forget anything we needed for today. On the bus to the Queen Elizabeth theatre I took. After rehearsing a couple of times some of the other girls were sent to hair and makeup. We got to wait in the entrance where there was many comfortable couches. I slept again, trying to feel energized. Eventually I was sent to makeup. I didn’t like my hair as much as my photoshoot or prelims makeup, but I didn’t bother to change it. I did, however, like my hair.
All of a sudden it was eight o’clock which meant showtime. We danced our opening number and it was straight to top 20. As they kept calling numbers I patiently waited to hear my number. Number 44, Sakshi, was called and I was instantly so happy for her. I almost forgot that my number wasn’t called. I didn’t cry right away, but seeing the other girls who didn’t make it cry has an influence on you. I was embarrassed that I teared up, I wanted to lose with grace and be strong. Of course everyone who didn’t make it has the right to be upset, the right to feel disappointed. There are girls who I thought would’ve made top 20, but didn’t and vice versa. You never know what the judges are looking for, if it were a different day, circumstance, judge, maybe you would be the winner. This just wasn’t in the cards for me, but it is not a total loss. I’ve been receiving so many wonderful opportunities from this. We’ve all worked so hard, but now the title of Miss Teenage Canada is out of reach. Swimwear was next, and through our shared sadness we had to still smile. IMG_3026IMG_3039
Downstairs the girls and I watched the live stream of the pageant. It was actually great bonding. I got to cheer on some of my close friends in their evening gown walk. I was also able to talk to some of the girls who I didn’t talk to originally.All of a sudden it was down to top 5, Precious, Kathleen, Hanna, Chloe, and Samantha. Many of them answered their on stage question with grace. For crowning, all 54 of the delegates went back on stage to see who would become the next Miss Teenage Canada as well as awards. I want to congratulate my close friends Precious (4th runner up and People’s Choice Award) Kathleen (3rd runner up and highest fundraiser) Hanna (2nd runner up and Best swimwear) and Chloe (1st runner up). Also a big congratulations to the winner of Miss Teenage Canada 2016, Samantha P. from Ottawa, Ontario. I am confident you will have an amazing reign. You guys deserve it! 13620267_1895605504000205_4595223142391248474_n

Lacy is the best!

Lacy is the best!

Also to Aneurin for the academic award and Lacy for Miss Congeniality. Since the majority of my Ontario friends had to leave I was forced to say goodbye to them. It was hard, there were already so many emotions flying around and this just added another layer. I also had to say goodbye to my roommate, who I was so honoured to stay with for the whole week. I’m so glad I met you and got to be weird, honest, and myself around you. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours.



Written by: Audrey

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