I definitely enjoyed the 2nd assignment for the blog, which was to design an image to be blown up for a roll-up banner for the lobby of the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I am a visual person, and I am always concerned with achieving the right aesthetic.

sign source

A very versatile printing company! Please check them out.

Sign Source Solutions, a signage company based in Toronto, is generously donating the banner and will be posing with the winning designer. I hope you enjoy my design as much as I do.

I wanted to try a minimalistic, but bold design. I stuck to a simple colour scheme and chose only 2 colours to match and compliment the Miss Teenage Canada logo. “Be your own kind of Beautiful” is a catchy and fitting phrase, so I wanted it to be in the centre. I chose the silhouette of the girl to represent how any one of us could become the next Miss Teenage Canada!

Miss Teenage Canada (1)

My design. (Click on the picture, to see a larger version!)

3 days before hopping on the plane for Toronto! So exciting!



Written by: Audrey

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