The most important meal of the day!

Can’t believe how fast the time is moving, day 3 already! We had a classic bacon and egg breakfast at Egglicious. http://egglicious.ca/

Then it was off to Nuvango (clothing) headquarters. We were shown all around the studio and learned the process of designing as well as creating the pieces. My favorite part was trying on the styles from the new collection. The fabric is so soft and stretchy.I can’t wait to see some of the pictures from our photo shoot. https://ca.nuvango.com/



After that we visited the Bata Shoe Museum. www.batashoemuseum.ca.

I was quite intrigued by the interesting facts about the shoes. I love shoes, especially fancy ones. We got to see a variety of shoes from Shaquille O’neal’s  giant boot to a


The most beautiful Queen, wearing a tight fitting corset at the Museum.

dainty Japanese Sandal. The girls and I also learned about the perils of fashions in the past century. Oh the things we, both men and women, do for beauty. #batashoemusem


Mississauga’s Square One gave each delegate a $30 gift card she could spend on anything in the mall. There wasn’t much time to browse around the mall, but it was still bigger than any mall in Saskatchewan. My group decided to go to Urban Plan13838231_1460878150604971_1833876292_oet, and I bought a long white dress I plan to use in an upcoming photo-shoot. Thank you for the shopping spree!


The girls and I got a bit of a break as we changed our outfit for the next event; dinner at Nirvana, the Flavors of India. While patiently waiting for our food the restaurant has us create a Bollywood inspired a video starring Miss Teenage Canada 2015. (I will post link to watch, once I know). The food was tasty, I’ve always been a fan of Indian food, especially Naan bread. I’m so fortunate to have a room mate from another culture, I enjoy asking her about the food and learning her customs. 13838547_1460878153938304_1997693674_o 13720654_1460878170604969_1275254656_ohttp://www.nirvanatheflavoursofindia.com/








Written by: Audrey

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