The awesome ladies!


Getting a good stretch after a tough workout.

Today we did one of my favourite things in the world, we got to workout! This was a perfect day because it aligned so perfectly with my platform. Besides my family, I have been missing my workouts and healthy eating. Working out, especially boot camp style conditioning, makes you feel so great afterward. The trainers are so encouraging and give such a positive vibe. I definitely worked up a sweat at the Fit Body Project in Toronto.


One of my favourite foods, Sushi!

For lunch we were given a sushi roll from Fish’D by Edo. I got a spicy salmon roll. Most of the girls loved them, but some girls are not a big fan of sushi. I thought it was great, though.



The bus then made its way to Archer’s Arena where we learned how to shoot a bow and arrow and played archery tag. A great pun was made, instead of Game of Thrones it was Game of Foam. Tensions were high as we hid behind the barriers and tried not to get hit by the arrows. A couple of casualties here and there, but all in all, a great experience.


Another awesome day at Miss Teenage Canada pageant.

Soon after we freshened up at the hotel we went to Lone Star Bar and Grill. Great food, great day, a great way to get pumped for Preliminaries tomorrow. The official photo shoot picture is up on Miss Teenage Canada Facebook as well as the website. Check it out!

Shout out to Storia PR for amplifying our media.





Written by: Audrey

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