Who doesn’t love fresh pancakes?

Yesterday we woke up early to eat breakfast at Eggliscious Cafe and Grill again. They served a heavy pancake breakfast.


My Ontario golf buddies.


Former Maple Lead and I


So good.

Shortly after the two groups parted ways on the Bradlee Ryall golf courses. Three talented men, Mario, John, and Ian taught us some of the fundamentals of golfing; putting, chipping, and driving. We had a short putting contest to get the ball through either 50, 75, or 100 holes in a piece of wood. Of course, I wasn’t even close to the target, but that’s okay because I tried. For lunch, we had the most gourmet meal so far this week. There were crispy shrimp tacos, delicate sliders, gluten free margherita pizza, garlic loaf, and a charcuterie platter. It was delicious! Some retired Toronto Maple leaves had an appearance so I took a picture with Darryl Sittler for my dad. https://www.bradleeryall.com/

We were given an hour to prepare our hair and makeup for interview. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with the interview, I think it’s the most intimidating parts of the whole pageant. Since I am one of the last girls we stayed upstairs rehearsing with Sean and Hollywood, the choreographers. The delegates and I rehearsed our opening number as well as practicing our walks. I definitely felt like a beauty queen that day. I think that my interview went well.

For dinner we went out to Dave and Busters which is a restaurant and arcade. My roommate was once again shocked that we don’t have this restaurant in 13833527_1460879020604884_1048811511_oSaskatchewan. Once we finished supper we were given game cards that allowed us to play some arcade games. The fun lasted about half an hour because beauty queens need their beauty sleep. Looking forward to tomorrow’s active outing. Please keep voting for me¬†http://www.missteenagecanada.com/mtcw-finals/finalist-details/548



Written by: Audrey

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