My MUA and I


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Today we got to sleep in, 8:00 wake up time, for a full day of photo and video shoots. We had a McDonald’s breakfast, complete with fruits, granola bars, and leftover pizza.
While waiting for hair and makeup we worked on the last blog assignment. After what seemed like forever we went upstairs to get ourselves done up. I picked my makeup artist, Julie, and told her that she could do whatever she thought would look best. We chatted the whole time and when she finished I was amazed by how nice it looked. Waiting for hair felt like an eternity, but it was worth the wait. It was the most fabulous hair I have ever had in my life! 13734543_1458780280814758_2058252242_n
I was one of the last girls to get the photo shoot done. I was feeling pretty confident so I was comfortable in front of the photographer. I think all the photo shoots with my sister paid off. More waiting, then it was the video shoot, we had to answer three pageant related questions for it. Although I was tired; I tried to look bubbly in front of the camera.
For supper they served pasta, and I mingled with a new group of girls.
Tonight, I got a spray tan sponsored by Golden Glamour Goddesses. It was very exciting, because I’ve never gotten a spray tan before. I felt very comfortable and she was very informative. If you have ever had one, you’d know how cool it feels on your skin. Hoping I will look beautiful and bronzed for tomorrow’s outing and the pageant.




Written by: Audrey

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