Ready for the Talent Gala.


The dessert table.


Such a beautiful moment to witness.


$150 worth of goodies in this bag.

Saturday we spent the whole day rehearsing. Finally at six we were released from
upstairs and sent to our rooms. I just touched up my hair and makeup and wore my blue provincial dress. Tonight was the Talent Gala, a night where the ladies performed either a 30 second presentation on their platform or a talent of their choice. For supper we had an assortment of salads, breads, pasta, and dainty little desserts; they were all very tasty. I enjoyed watching the other girls perform, many of the girls had beautiful voices. I also sang “Reflection” by Lea Salonga. Once it was over, girls were allowed to visit with their families. This was also the only night where we were allowed to. It was very touching to watch girls and their family reunite. It made me realize that the bond between families is extremely strong, and that they are our greatest support. Since my family couldn’t make it, my roommate and I just took as many pictures as we could.

After that, we were sent upstairs to revive a gift bag from sponsors. We received a pink Miss Teenage Canada bag filled with goodies such as earrings, nail polish, Mac lipstick, lip liner, and Biore products. Marlin, the videographer, filmed us one last time for the activities video. Midnight hit and our chaperone brought my roommate and I back to our room. Sunday would be the biggest day of the whole week.


Our super messy room, before packing up.



Written by: Audrey

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