For many years Canada has lead the world with our revolutionary healthcare system, why should we stop now? By vaccinating our children, we can prevent horrible illness, such as polio. I am very passionate about my platform, no child deserves to be sick in the hospital, or worse, die from a preventable illness.  I believe that it is so important everyone vaccinate their children. These horrible illnesses and diseases are totally preventable and can be eradicated if we work together and raise awareness about vaccinating. If I was crowned Miss Teenage Canada, I would love to raise awareness and help educate people in any way I possibly could. By not vaccinating, you aren’t just hurting yourself, you’re hurting all the people around you, especially those with compromised immune systems, like infants  or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Vaccinating people is a sure way to guarantee that Canada has a healthy and bright future. One of my favourite sources for update news regarding is vaccines is; they provide up to date and interesting information. By working together we can eradicate these diseases forever.

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