So far June has been a busy month for me. Working on both school and the pageant has been a challenge. However, I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. I like to always keep myself busy.

Sneak peek of my dress!

On Wednesday, I was on the search for sponsors. Previously, I had visited Exquisite Fashions & Bridal, and fell in love with a dress. My sister picked out the dress for me as a joke because it wasn’t the usual style I go for. After trying it on, I was instantly attached to it. The colour, the fit, the detail was impeccable. I want to thank the owner for giving me a huge discount, and sponsoring me this dress. Also thank you to the staff of Exquisite for great service. I’ll definitely be coming back in the future.

Shaking hands with Alumni at Awards Night.

Thursday and Friday were nights of celebrating accomplishments. On Thursday, I was invited to the annual Student Hall of Fame, awards night hosted by my school division. I was given an award for Academics, which is a 90%+ average. Graduation night was Friday, and I got to watch many of my close friends receive their diploma. While helping out with the decorations, I realized how little time I had left of High School. Next year I would be up on that stage, while that makes me feel nostalgic it also makes me excited for my future.

Posing with another princess.

The next morning, I made an appearance at A Taste of Culture at the Western Development Museum in North Battleford. I set up a table, with two candy jars, stickers, colouring pages, and a Free the Children donation box. It was so nice to have a real conversation; I’ve always loved being able to genuinely connect with people. Many thanks to all the children who visited me, the woman who bought me a bag, and the generous people who gave me donations. I appreciate it very much.


Representing the Philippines and Rider Nation!

June 12th was Kalayaan/Filipino Independence Day, there was also a street fair for Saskatchewan Roughriders, so I was able to celebrate the pride of two ‘nations’.

This upcoming week will be less busy, but on Saturday, June 18th, I’m preparing for a huge fundraiser barbecue for Fort Mac from 11-4pm. A burger and a drink will be $5 at the Princess Auto in the parking lot. I am hoping for sunny weather. See you there!




Written by: Audrey

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