Even though I intend on attending university abroad next year, Canada will always be the best country to me.I have never met any Canadian who did not take pride in our wonderful nation. In fact, Canada was recently named the most “admired” country according to an annual survey ranking the reputations of developed countries across the globe. It is not hard to see why Canada is so admired, our people are regarded as kind, friendly, and polite. Our happy go lucky attitude and easy going nature has made us one of the happiest countries.

Canada is a nation composed of people with diverse and rich cultural backgrounds. We take pride in this, and view ourselves as a cultural mosaic. We don’t think that being different is bad, we embrace our differences. We celebrate our diversity. Canadians are always thinking of new and creative ways to do things, we still follow traditions, but have no problem with trying something new.

Even though our pristine landscape, abundant wildlife, and crazy winters, are what people think make Canada, well Canada, I believe that the people residing in this wonderland I call home are what make it so great. From our Wayne Gretzky’s to our Terry Fox’s to our normal everyday person, we are all proud to live in the worlds greatest country. I am a Canadian and no matter where I go, I will be proud to belong to the world’s greatest country!

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